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We are a noted source of information for both the novice and the old hand.  We are true to the Texas Fire Alarm trade and we know Texas like no other distributor ever has. Texas law is unique among all of the states, allowing the local municipality to adopt any one of several model building or fire codes according to their preferences.  Further, there is also the ability to make local amendments to those codes unique to the municipality.  With 20 years experience in Texas, no one knows the ‘Texas’ codes better.

Electrician, Technician, Fire, Water or Gas, High Rise to Marine Vessel… when it comes to Fire Protection, we’ve done it all and we’ve got the experienced years to prove it. If you want to learn about Fire Alarms in Texas, come take our classes.  Not common classes to just sleep through — Mike Ryan’s teaching methods are notoriously effective. Combining stunning good looks with an enchanting personality, Mike’s baritone voice and rapier sharp blue-collar wit combined, have entertained and educated hundreds of licensed Fire Alarm Technicians throughout the state of Texas.


Fire Alarm technicians are respected and well paid in Texas.

If you want to get a Fire Alarm License in Texas, you must past two State license tests.  These tests are not easy — more people fail the first time out than those that pass them.
So, when you decide to get on with you career, pass the tests and make some money… come take our course.  We can show you how it’s done.

Our famous course will prime you with the answers you need to make these tests seem simple.  Clear-cut, targeted coaching gives you just what you need so you can get what you want, fast and easy.

Class starts at nine in the morning and ends around three each Thursday.  Our course lasts four Thursdays, because shortcuts make for long journeys.  Students are taught in a dedicated classroom and we typically start a new class each month.

To enroll in the next available class or to obtain addition information, call our office and ask about the B.F.A.T. course today at: (972) 620-9999.

TruTest Rental

Trutest is the most advanced in-place smoke detector sensitivity tester available today.  It will work on any system, old or new.  Trutest is the only universal smoke sensitivity tester that can provide an actual detector sensitivity reading in one single measured test.

Trutest introduces a smoke test aerosol to the detector while still connected to the alarm system, utilising smoke obscuration sensing to measure and feedback information to a controlling microprocessor.

U.L. calibrated, making fast, accurate, absolute measurements in % / ft correlated to UL 268 on a LCD screen – genuinely after just one test.  It is also lightweight and highly portable making quick work of any inspection.

This tool is available for rent only at Alarm Express because you need it and that’s customer service.


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